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Chryophase – Multifarious Minimal – Volume 011 (DI.FM/Minimal)- (05-2015)

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“Multifarious” – many and of various types, having many varied parts or aspects: diverse, many, numerous, various, diversified, multiple, multitudinous, multiplex, multifaceted ~ Multifarious.

“Minimal” – a minimum amount, quantity, or degree; negligible, characterized by the use of simple forms or structures for the minimalist sub-genre of techno. A stripped-down aesthetic that exploits the use of repetition and understated development.

Multifarious Minimal is where Chryophase takes you on a journey to show you just how diverse and complex a soundscape that the Minimal genre can achieve.  This is Volume 11 of the monthly show which is on www.DI.FM/Minimal channel, every 3rd Friday of every month at 6PM-8PM (GMT).  Volume 11 of my monthly show “Multifarious Minimal”.

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N2Brothers_Anonymous_Miguel Toledano Walking On The Darkness Remix
Claudia Amprimo_Mind Control_Alex Fuente Remix
Son-Tec_Gaetrano C_ You_Different_Original_Mix (6142101)
Nichtzusammen_161 Bar Feat Reanna Cameron_Malinov Remix
Warse_Dief_Original Mix
Barem_Circles_Original Mix
Gaetano C_Battric MIVU_Bumfuzzle_Original Mix
dubformat_Antigun_Original Mix
Lois Plugged_Mockoff_Freak_Da Productor Remix
MarcoB_Vloon M_Sirena_Original Mix
Sabe_Dhaze_Gate Solution_Original Mix
SonTec_Gaetano C_Abstruction_Original Mix
Andrea Giuliani_Luca Rossetti_Check In_Phase Subantrieb Remix
Luke_Push the Bar_Original Mix
Nici Frida_Sergio Collado_Backyard Facts_Mr Deka blow Remix
German Luque_Efimera_Kevin Schwazer Remix
Eddie Hu_Magic Number_Enrique Cortazar Remix
Alin Dragusanu_O2_Original Mix
Belocca_FILTH_SonTec Remix
Gleichlaufartisten_Set the Level_Original Mix
Hugo Bianco_Embryo_SonTec Remix
Nino Blink_Squarepants_Terry Whyte Remix
Heiko Laux_There There_Original Mix
The YellowHeads_The Sinner Of The Grassland_Kalden Bess Remix
Scan X_Midnight_Julian Jeweil Remix
Claudio Petroni_From The Siam_Original Mix
Marco Faraone_Restrictions_Original Mix

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