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Chyophase – Multifarious Minimal – V083 (Sep 2021)

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This is the regular 83rd monthly 2 hour set of the Multifarious Minimal Show, broadcast via www.DI.FM/Minimal on 17th September, 2021.

Every track that Chryophase uses now is heavily edited, spliced & always remixed with another track at the most relevant points to always produce unique soundscapes that you will only hear in my sets.

As a dedication to DJ’ing for over 10 years+, my sets each month showcase the incredible diverse and yet single genre of Minimal Techno, played across a 2 hour set of unique music for the listener. In each I support producers, both regular and many more first time played on my show, yet all very deserved internet airtime support for a lot of up and coming new artists / producers as I find them via various music platforms, but always ensure include a playlist to assist them to be located on my monthly playscapes and credit their productions.

Please can you show support these artists / producers by buying their hard earned work to enable them to further produce material for our pleasure. All Electronic Dance Music tracks used for DJ’ing is very reasonably priced via platforms for your use and further purchase tracks of any individual work helps get new, unique music to reach us all in this incredible world of wondrous new technology and helps further potential original EDM production. I provide beatport codes where applicable to help tracks be found:
15422375_Comfort Zone_(Orkus Remix) Meet, Laydee V 125.0
15254010_Sea Of Tranquility_(Original Mix) Jose Antonio eMe, Carlos Call 126.0
15513822_Moments_(Original Mix) Agus Ferreyra, Pablo Aristimuño 126.0
15401021_Closer_(Original Mix) Ren Phillips, YINGYANG (UK) 127.0
15501729_Moonshine_(Original Mix) Archie Hamilton 127.0
15196029_Hypnotised_(Original Mix) PYRRHUS 127.0
15404962_I Just Wanna Dance_(Original Mix) Mendo 128.0
15533121_You Get Me_(Original Mix) ZYNK 128.0
14097875_Turmoil_(Original-Mix) Damien Fisher 128.0
15667919_Na-Zare_(Original-Mix) Per Hammar, Olga Korol 129.0
15626696_Nüdrug_(Original-Mix) Justin Jay 129.0
15599765_Love-2-Give_(Original-Mix) Den Haas 129.0
15526873_White Smoking_(Original Mix) Davide Mentesana 129.0
15437470_Do It Ma Way_(Original Mix) Brown Vox 129.0
15380602_Times Up_(Original Mix) De La Swing 129.0
15327562_Mint Condition_(Original Mix) Mason Collective 129.0
15617487_Lost_(Original-Mix) Bastian Bux 129.0
15600885_Remember-the-feeling_(Original-Mix) Sante Sansone 129.0
15599762_Dance-Tip_(Original-Mix) Den Haas 129.0
15578080_Want-You_(Original-Mix) Low Vision, Alexx L. 129.0
15596823_What-You-Want_(Original-Mix) Kevin Knapp 130.0
15565466_Good-Times_(Original-Mix) Riccardo Ricci 130.0
15477724_We Dont Play Games_(Original Mix) Ozzie Guven 130.0
15389935_Lagoon_(Jesse Maas Remix) Toollbox 130.0
15492513_Hasta el Cuatro_(Original Mix) Blackchild (ITA) 131.0
15600882_OBjekt_(Original-Mix) Sante Sansone 132.0

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L!nki – Hörsturz Feeling (03-2015)

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