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Multifarious Minimal – Volume 078 (DI.FM/Minimal) – (03-2021)

Filed under: dark minimal, Minimal, Minimal-House, Minimal-Techno | March 22nd, 2021

This is the monthly regular 78th, 2 hour set of the Multifarious Minimal Show, which was broadcast on www.DI.FM/Minimal on 18th March 2021.

Every track that Chryophase uses now is heavily edited, spliced & always remixed with another track at the most relevant points to always produce unique soundscapes that you will only hear in my sets.

As a dedication to DJ’ing for over 10 years+, my sets each month showcase the incredible diverse and yet single genre of Minimal Techno, played across a 2 hour set of unique music for the listener. In each I support producers, both regular and many more first time played on my show, yet all very deserved internet airtime support for a lot of up and coming new artists / producers as I find them via various music platforms, but always ensure include a playlist to assist them to be located on my monthly playscapes.

Please can you show support these artists / producers by buying their hard work to produce material for our pleasure (available Beatport codes where applicable provided for ease). All Electronic Dance Music tracks used for DJ;ing is very reasonably priced via these platforms for your pleasure and a further purchase any of their individual work helps new, unique music to reach us all in this incredible world of wonderous, new and helps further potencial original EDM production:
14722791_Out Your Life_(Original Mix) ~ Campbell Fryer
13640231_Push_Me_Original_Mix ~ Jason Rault
14849715_Abstract Forms_(Original Mix) ~ Digital Brains
14860371_Say Something_(Deep Soundsystem Remix) ~ Martin Bordacahar
14858526_Whatever_(Original Mix) ~ Bryan Kush
14733047_The Crowd_(Original Mix) ~ Raffee
14459075_Polk_(Original Mix) ~ Matias Provoste
14728368_Far From You_(Original Mix) ~ Ky William, Jeff Sorkowitz
14371752_Wave Poison_(Original Mix) ~ Agustin Mofficoni
14631621_Bereph_(Original Mix) ~ Carlos A, VITO (UK)
14587533_New York_(Original Mix) ~ Juampi Saillen
14356554_It’s Time_(Original Mix) ~ Robin Rafa
14526382_Hatched_(Original Mix) ~ Dave Samuel
14552828_Crazy Move_(Oziriz Dub Remix) ~ Techno Mama
14772374_Is About This_(Original Mix) ~ Gab Ramirez, DMILE
14541726_wOnneprOppen_(Original Mix) ~ mexCalito
14599805_Go To Sleep_(Luca M Remix) ~ SIDE B, Gianluca Rattalino
14859950_Class_(Shiny Diamond Mix) ~ Lambo Box
2920699_Backward_Per_Hammar_Remix ~ Christian Burkhardt, Sascha Dive
13776670_DX Sport_(Original Mix) ~ Per Hammar
14632972_Attention_(Original Mix) ~ Brad Shu
14766827_Point Loma_(Original Mix) ~ Chris Stussy
13153978_Ciao_Original_Mix ~ Ivan Longoria
13392821_Static_DJ_Steaw_Remix ~ Alex Ranerro
14292779_Kenny_s_Ride_Original_Mix ~ Luca Donzelli
13856452_Dub Clap_(Original Mix) ~ Detlef
13224271_Cafe_Society_Rich_NxT_Remix ~ Dan Baartz

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