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Chryophase – Mutifarious Minimal -A ‘First FIVE Years Special’ – V099 (04-2023)

Filed under: dark minimal, Minimal, Minimal-House, Minimal-Techno, Techno | April 29th, 2023

This is a ‘First Five Years special’ as the 99th regular monthly 2 hour Multifarious Minimal Show, broadcast via www.DI.FM/Minimal on 26 April, 2023.

The ‘V99’ set is Part One of the lead up to the Centenary Jubilee of 100 consecutive shows for the Multifarious Minimal show in May, 2023, and it comprises of some personal highlight tracks from content of the first 50 shows in the 5 Years of the shows residency.

The ‘First FIVE Years Special’ – V099 – is part one of the first of two special sets, this first one comprising a celebration of tracks that are from the first 5 years of the Multifarious Minimal show.

Show 100 will consist of some personal highlight / favourite tracks from the latest 5+ years point to present day.

As usual, all tracks that Chryophase uses now are heavily edited, spliced & always remixed with other tracks at the most relevant points to always produce unique soundscapes that you will only hear in my sets.

As a dedication to professional DJ’ing this show for near 10 years, each month, Chryophase sets showcase the incredibly diverse and yet single genre of Minimal Techno played across a 2 hour set.

Chryophase creates unique music for the listener with sampling and remixing continuously across multiple decks to play them continuosly over each other in real time. Chryophase supports a huge range of producers and labels, some regular and many more are first time played on my show, yet all are supported as they deserve it, for a lot of up and coming new artists / producers as Chryophase finds them via various music platforms, he always ensures include a playlist to assist other DJ’s and producers to identify tracks via beatport codes on my monthly shows to credit their productions.

Please can you show support for the artists / producers off each show by buying the hard earned tracks to enable further production material for our pleasure. All Electronic Dance Music tracks used for DJ’ing is very reasonably priced via platforms for your own further by purchase of tracks, as individuals hard work helps get new, unique music to reach us all in this incredible world of wondrous new technology with further potential original EDM production.

I provide beatport codes where applicable to identify all tracks supported in this 2 hour set as follows:
Sabe_Momobear_Original Mix (Sabe)
DVoid_Exs_Original Mix (D.Void)
Battric MIVU_Got a Piano_Original Mix (Battric & MIVU)
_Hold On_Original Mix (?!)
Oldeuboi_They Are Coming to Be Nobody_Original Mix (Oldeuboi)
Kiko_Citizen Kain_Meantime_Part 2 (Kiko, Citizen Kain)
Javier Algarra_Degree_Original Mix (Javier Algarra)
Hernan Bass_Little Helper 2545_Original Mix (Hernan Bass)
Alex Aglieri_The Red Sand_Original Mix (Alex Aglieri)
Yelagin_Andrew Richter_The Other Side of Stars_Original (Yelagin, Andrew Richter)
Drexler_Erizo_Gaga Remix (Drexler)
Schubert_Unravel_Maksim Dark Remix (Schubert)
Nick Curly No Takers(Original) (Nick Curly)
Gaga,Mateo! Nothing(Original Mix) (Gaga, Mateo!)
Corner_Claudio Tahi_Prototype_Gaga Remix (Corner, Claudio Tahi)
Jean Agoriia_Le Nombre Dor_Matt Minimal Remix (Jean Agoriia)
Toti Pereira_Alberto Ruiz_Formant Hold_Original Mix (Toti Pereira, Alberto Ruiz)
9710724_Bassic Tronic_Original Mix (Calm Chor)
Stefano Panzera_Onto The Beat_Tony Anatone Remix (Stefano Panzera)
DJ Mark Morris_Call Style_Sven Wittekind Remix (DJ Mark Morris)
9817059_Hot Coffee_Original Mix (Elay Lazutkin)
Nueyork_Like This_Original Mix (Nueyork)

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