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Chryophase – Multifarious Minimal – Volume 058 (DI.FM/Minimal) – (04-2019)

Filed under: dark minimal, Deephouse, Minimal, Minimal-House, Minimal-Techno, Techno, Techno | April 20th, 2019

This is the April, 2019 – 58th edition of the Multifarious Minimal Show on www.DI.FM/Minimal.

Every track that Chryophase uses now is heavily edited, spliced & always remixed with another track at relevant points to always produce unique soundscapes that you will only hear in my sets.

Please can you show support for these artists by buying their material (available Beatport codes where applicable provided for ease):

11400756_The_Sultan_and_the_Scarab_Lannka_Remix   ~ Samaha
11743878_4Th_Dimension_Original_Mix   ~ Madness Ba
11665145_Belly_Dancer_Original_Mix   ~ Dubquest
11735450_Groovisme_Original_Mix   ~ Dubphone, Patrascu
11701257_Souvenir_du_pass___Original_Mix   ~ Emanuele Colucci
11764193_Masticable_Original_Mix   ~ Eraseland
11786794_El_Patriarca_Katoline_Remix   ~ Kintar
11639038_Buzz_Original_Mix   ~ Francesco Parente
10635479_The_Guitar_Man_Original_Mix   ~ Hassio (COL)
11708713_Recovery_Original_Mix (1)   ~ Antony Pl
11617086_Wild_Darkrow__Saul_Antolin_Remix   ~ Larsen Factory, Last Vision
11617156_Twisted_Impulses_Shawn_Jackson_remix   ~ Julian Velez
11736441_Say_That_Again_Original_Mix   ~ Daoud, Deiver
11665139_In_Moments_Original_Mix   ~ Konrad Dycke, Senoo, Da.TO
1176209_Disco_Light__ME_Remix   ~ Anthony Rother
11792061_Underworld_Gates_Laydee_V_Remix   ~ Benavid
11492931_This_Fire_Original_Mix (1)   ~ Aguilar (Italy), Andrea Giungo
11516727_Confusion_Original_Mix   ~ James Dexter
11639288_It_s_Time_Original_Mix   ~ Martin Occo
11740668_A1_Original_Mix   ~ Nick Mendes
11701479_Swiper_Za__Paradigma_Remix   ~ Peter Lavalle, Peter Blue
11762841_Talos_Original_Mix   ~ Alexic Rod
11714831_What_s_Original_Mix   ~ Menary
11622119_On_Original_Mix   ~ Luis Caballero
11490012_Secret_Original_Mix   ~ Ever Tapia
11456882_Ben_the_big_head_Hernan_Bass__Unluck_Remix   ~ Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero
11601926_B12_Original_Mix   ~ Caravaca

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