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Chryophase – Multifarious Minimal – V0095 (12-2022)

Filed under: dark minimal, Minimal, Minimal-House, Minimal-Techno | January 8th, 2023

This is the regular 95th monthly 2 hour set of the Multifarious Minimal Show, broadcast via www.DI.FM/Minimal in December, 2022. Happy Holidays all, 2022 been a mighty big year for everyone I am sure!

All tracks that Chryophase uses now are heavily edited, spliced & always remixed with other tracks at the most relevant points to always produce unique soundscapes that you will only hear in my sets.

As a dedication to professional DJ’ing for over 10+ years, each month, Chryophase sets showcase the incredibly diverse and yet single genre of Minimal Techno played across a 2 hour set. Chryophase creates unique music for the listener with sampling and remixing continuously across multiple decks to play them continuosly over each other in real time. Chryophase supports a huge range of producers and labels, some regular and many more are first time played on my show, yet all are supported as they deserve it, for a lot of up and coming new artists / producers as Chryophase finds them via various music platforms, he always ensures include a playlist to assist other DJ’s and producers to identify tracks via beatport codes on my monthly shows to credit their productions.

Please can you show support for the artists / producers off each show by buying the hard earned tracks to enable further production material for our pleasure. All Electronic Dance Music tracks used for DJ’ing is very reasonably priced via platforms for your own further by purchase of tracks, as individuals hard work helps get new, unique music to reach us all in this incredible world of wondrous new technology with further potential original EDM production.

I provide beatport codes where applicable to identify tracks supported in this 2 hour set as follows:
17093695_Get-Out_(Original-Mix) A.D.M. (Italy), F.T.G 125.0
16983432_Panorama-Tool_(Original-Mix) Farfan 125.0
16624826_Process_(Sergii-Petrenko-Dub-Remix) Oziriz 125.0
17055265_Boldi_(Original-Mix) Legit Trip 127.0
17060792_Silent-Rebel_(Original-Mix) Edgar Peng 126.0
16959351_Crossland_(Original-Mix) Roots 127.0
17019123_Rathaus_(OG-MIX) David Gtronic, KIRIK 127.0
16281675_Coin-Drop_(Original-Mix) Jamback 128.0
17036107_Aphotic_(Ray-Mono-Remix) Parsec (UK) 128.0
17132723_Squirtle-Basss_(Original-Mix) Davide Mentesana 128.0
17139534_Rozzo_(Original-Mix) wAFF 128.0
17132907_Floor_(Original-Mix) Seedher 128.0
17009984_Late-Start_(De-La-Swing-Remix) Jean Pierre, Motum 128.0
17027727_Wasted_(Original-Mix) JUST2 128.0
17135297_Nuit_(Extended-Mix) Emmy Lazuli, Alex.G 128.0
17145044_Bodydance_(Leon-Remix) Reboot 128.0
17135300_Calm-&-Ready_(Extended-Mix) Nacho Angles 128.0
16995399_Want_(Original-Mix) Matt Littman 130.0
17111745_Activated_(Original-Mix) DJOKO 130.0
16981452_Intentional_(Original-Mix) Barucc 130.0
17027669_Well-Dread_(Original-Mix) Copasetic 129.0
17127813_Mindland_(Original-Mix) Rich NxT 129.0
17089110_Psilocybin_(Original-Mix) Late Replies 130.0
17063386_Loco-Loco_(VITO-(UK)-Remix) Carlos A 128.0
17139532_Sicko_(Original-Mix) wAFF 128.0
17088588_Takoe_(Original-Mix) Fillimonov 126.0

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Chryophase – Multifarious Minimal – Volume 054 (DI.FM/Minimal) – (12-2018)

Filed under: dark minimal, Minimal, Minimal-House, Minimal-Techno | December 22nd, 2018

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

This is the Xmas 2018 – 54th edition of the Multifarious Minimal Show on www.DI.FM/Minimal for December, 2018.

Every track that Chryophase uses now is heavily edited, spliced & always remixed with another track at relevant points to always produce unique soundscapes that you will only hear in my sets…

Please can you show support for these artists by buying their material (Beatport codes provided for ease):

11292244_Forever_Be_Original_Mix Spacenative
10370015_Party_Original_Mix Rone White, Designerz
11315235_Why_Not_Original_Mix Poor Pay Rich
10826601_Luna_Llena_Original_Mix Joseph Mancino, Josu Freire
9903064_Cuckoo___Original_Mix Flaminik
11113920_Reverse_YORY_Remix Gustaff
11319061_Tunnel_Vision_Za__Paradigma_Remix Lyand
11228426_Godsa_Original_Mix (1) More Than Material
VCS70_Terranova_feat._Khan_-_So_Strong_(Twelve_Inch_Mix) Terranova feat. Khan
11162533_Piccolino_Original_Mix Lucas Ferreyra
11252625_Raining_Out_Original_Mix Looked
11318454_Not_My_Day_Original_Mix Edgar Peng
11394533_Virtual_Minimal_Original_Mix Analog World
11338694_Shaky_Original_Mix Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero, Last Vision
11106796_Facepalm_Original_Mix Darkrow, Spinky
10758706_Changes_In_Life_Original_Mix Pedro Costa
80REC194_D.I.N.G.O._-_Dark_Secrets_(Original_Mix) D.I.N.G.O.
11327820_Ambition_Original_Mix Shosho, Peppou
11302961_Just_Do_It_Rone_White___Alessandro_Diruggiero_Remix PRiiMO
11344216_Sweet_Panic_Original_Mix NIUKID
11132305_Damage_Mind_Music_Original_Mix Dark Mate, Ahmed Yasser
10798026_Creature_Of_Habit_Original_Mix Odette
11354416_Monologue_Original_Mix Stefano Noferini, Artslaves
10911681_System_Original_Mix Leonardo Gonnelli, Jesters
10678871_Secret_Room_Original_Mix Mirko Worz
10593566_Highs_and_Lows_Original_Mix Alt.Society
TP01__Van_Czar_-_I_Am_Getting_High_(Synth_Mix) Van Czar


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